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Made honey toast today, but skipped on the butter this time. Didn't turn out as good as with, but I was hungry and lazy, lol. I've also been playing Pokemon a lot recently, almost everyday. I'm trying to get all of my caught Pokemon up to level 60 at least, so I've been battling the athletes in Nimbasa City every day. I love how I've had my DS for almost 3 years, yet I only have 3 games--only 2 of which I've actually beaten. The last game I bought was Pokemon Black, and I've been thinking of getting a new game but I have no idea what I should buy. Back when I had a GBC and GBA, I would buy lots of games but only end up playing 2 or 3 of them to completion. In fact, I'd had my DS for almost a year without having any games for it. I was mostly using it for the Internet and drawing... Kind of sad, because a lot of games have such great storylines, but I just don't have the time to play much anymore.

On another note, I've been on a little bit of a reading boom, after going through some of my old books that I wanted to give away to charity. I hope to read at least 5 new books this summer, but between playing with my DS and reading, I tend to go for the DS. But soon I'll be done with my re-read of Watership Down, and then I can get on to the new books.
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Pokemon Black Checklist

Just a quick to-do list to keep track of what I'm trying to complete in my Pokemon Black game.

- Clear Giant Chasm of catchable Pokemon (excluding Kyurem): Sneasel, Absol
- Catch Lapras
- Breed Smoochum
- Catch all Swarm Pokemon (on-going): Farfetch'd, Plusle, Sentret, Houndour, Tyrogue, Shroomish, Shuppet, Pineco
- Re-organize boxes and rename Pokemon
- Build up Pokedex (on-going)
- Get the other Sages
- Catch Kyurem
- Catch Tornadus
- Get Musharna (Wed.)

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I feel like such a bad anime fan. I've never watched Bleach, I've only seen tidbits of Evangelion, and though I've read some of Naruto and One Piece, I've never actually watched the animation. I've always sort of preferred manga, and the anime series that I like tend to have started out as exclusively anime.

I say this because I've had a craving to watch anime again, but all the shows I want to watch are ones that I've already mostly seen from a long time ago, like Cowboy Bebop and Jigoku Shoujo. I haven't gotten into a new anime in years, and I avoid the ones that play on Adult Swim.

My goal for this summer is to get into new things, so maybe I'll give a couple of series that I've heard good things about a try.

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Re-reading my copies of Kaze to Ki no Uta now. I still feel that it was a bit dragged out, and I only really like the school storyline, but I miss this series so much. Now I feel like watching the OVA again, too. Won't someone please do a remake (preferably as a proper series) of the anime?
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Kazuo Umezu

Between the Orochi series, the Cat-Eyed Boy series, and his Scary Books, I am quickly becoming a fan. I didn't think I would, as the Orochi episodes tend to be pretty predictable, but I just can't help but love his work. The art, while admittedly dated, is gorgeous, and he is so good at setting up an atmosphere for horror. I recently read some of Left Hand of God Right Hand of the Devil, and it's pretty intriguing so far. If I can get my hands on his Scary Book #3, that's also on my To-Read wishlist.